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Where We Find Ourselves

The Wayfinder Company was founded on a shared passion for the trail and hiking in our backyard, the Canadian Rockies. We identified a shared approach and reverence for wild spaces, our hiking and backpacking trips led to an interest in sharing the details and history that accompany these iconic places. The stories and steps of Wayfinders before us, lead us to purs

ue a modern and contemporary format for the hiking guide, something concise to host evolving mountain culture and ever changing hiking trails.

Natural trail lovers, our first product line of Canadian Rockies Field Guides offer a unique approach for hikers of all levels and interests. A

supplement to the natural experience, our artifacts further the narrative of each unique location, to engage deeper the sense of place.

We are excited to share a new approach to the trail, show you our partners and supporters we have met along the way. Available Sp

ring of 2019! L

ook for our Nomad and Wanderer Series Field Guides.

For any inquiries contact

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